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    The Unipart Group is one of the largest private companies in our sector, employing over 10,000 people around the world, with an annual turnover of around £1 billion specialising in Manufacturing, Logistics and Consultancy.

    Unipart Heritage

    We are one of Britain’s largest employee-owned companies, with the majority of shares being held by employees.  For 25 years, we’ve set the standard in the automotive aftermarket. We've been continuously building capabilities, systems and solutions for the world’s most demanding clients not only in automotive, but in technology, fashion, and retailing.  To achieve a real competitive advantage, our clients can choose from a wide range of existing capabilities or a combination of skills and capabilities drawn from different parts of the Group.


    Unipart Car Parts

    Unipart Autoparts is a global distributor of Car, Van, Truck and Trailer Components. Our Unipart Autostore division is our online store providing auto parts, car accessories and car care products to car owners and the trade. Unipart Autostore operates out of a modern 120,000sq ft warehouse and logistics centre providing high levels of customer service with industry leading speed of delivery and availability.

     All service products supplied by Unipart Autostore have an Original Equipment (O.E) matching quality guarantee and meet the requirements of Block Exemption. This allows qualified mechanics to carry out servicing and maintenance on a car without invalidating the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, provided the mechanic follows the vehicle assembler’s schedules.



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