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    Insect Repellants

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    Keep your camping area insect free with our wide range of insect repellents below. Whether you need a mosquito net to protect your sleeping area or a simple fly squat, you’re sure to find what you need here!

    Repel mosquito's from your lounge or dining area with our highly effective Moskito Thermacell that will keep large areas insect free so you can enjoy your campsite well into the night without the use of chemical repellent sprays. We also offer classic mosquito coils in economical packs of 10 at a price you will absolutely love, these small yet powerful coils let off a mild aroma that disperses the insects from their immediate area, and lasts up to 6 hours.

    At Unipart Autostore we pride ourselves on having one of the largest online selections of camping accessories there is, making us your one stop shop for all of your camping needs. Just map out your camping holiday and let Unipart Autostore handle the rest!

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    1. Moskito ThermaCell

      Moskito ThermaCell

      Unipart Autostore

      MSRP Price: £68.32

    2. Fly Squat

      Fly Squat

      Fly Squat

      MSRP Price: £1.20

    3. Moskito ThermaCell Refill Set

      Moskito ThermaCell Refill Set

      Unipart Autostore

      MSRP Price: £49.98

      Out of stock
    4. Pop Up Moskito Net

      Pop Up Moskito Net

      For a single bed. High-quality, practical pop-up umbrella for small packsize. Delivery at the packsack.

      MSRP Price: £38.32

    5. Mosquito Coil (10 Pack)

      Mosquito Coil (10 Pack)

      The smell of the glimming flavour coil disperses the insects. Glow duration of each coil 5-6 hours.

      MSRP Price: £4.62

    5 Item(s)

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