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    Start your day by the caravan out with a hot and satisfying cup of tea, or end your evening with a relaxing cup of hot chocolate with our Low Wattage Kettle below. Priced at under £20 this heavy duty low wattage kettle can be used both in the caravan and at home.

    Made by Prestige Gold, this high quality, durable, and efficient kettle will heat up your water in just minutes using only 1000w. The modern designed cordless jug kettle holds up to 1.6 litres of water allowing you to prepare hot drinks or soups for the entire family without having to refill the kettle several times and this Low Wattage kettle comes complete with a gauge to measure the water level and runs on an impressively low 240v.

    Be sure to explore the rest of our site where you will find even more useful and practical items to have on hand for your next caravan holiday.

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