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    Awning Lighting

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    Add a safe and stylish source of light to your awning area with our Fiamma LED Awning Kit designed specifically for the F45 and F65 awnings and add a soft and comfortable illumination to your laidback nights by the caravan. This ultra high quality awning light has 2 LED lamps that contain 10 long lasting LED lights each to provide optimum lighting that is both convenient and energy efficient.

    The Fiamma LED Awning kit has very low consumption for long lasting light and has a 5 metre long 12 volt power supply, and is very simple to install on the front bar, even on previous awning versions, and the cable is hidden by the arm to give the light a “built in” and permanent look.

    At Unipart Autostore we offer only the best lighting kits around, so be sure to check out our lighting options for your caravan to make the most of your holidays all year round.

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