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    One of the best parts about camping is those calm and relaxing late night walks around the your campsite, and if you have dogs, a torch is a must!

    Whatever reason you’re looking for a torch for your caravan, why not choose from our selection of torches below to provide you illumination for late night walks, an emergency source of light for evening repairs or to find dropped or lost items.

    Never let dead or weakening batteries leave you in the dark again with our 2 LED Crank Torch. This super bright LED torch with 2 LED lights has long lasting rechargeable batteries built in. Simply squeeze the torch’s’ hand crank and your LED torch is charged and ready, making this torch perfect for emergencies.

    If you want an even brighter torch for night and emergency illumination our lightweight 10 LED Solar Torch uses solar power to charge the AA battery. Order one of our torches today and we will ship it out to you immediately, just in time to be prepared for your next caravan holiday.

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