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    Caravan Gas Hose Assemblies

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    When it comes to your gas hose it is inevitable that it will need to be replaced at least once throughout your caravan’s life. At Unipart Autostore we have a wide selection of both propane and butane gas hoses available in various lengths to suit your gas appliance needs.

    Our selection of durable high quality gas hoses and gas hose assemblies below come in 450mm, 750mm and 1500mm lengths, and are priced far lower than our major competitors, allowing you to choose exactly what you need, within budget.

    Have you just noticed that your gas hose needs replacing with your caravan holiday just days away? If so, don’t panic! Unipart Autostore provides all of our customers with low cost and lightning fast shipping on all of our products, and we will ship out your order(s) immediately after your purchase has been made! Order your caravan gas hose assemblies from us today and you will receive your purchase within 1-2 working days, allowing you to get on with enjoying your holiday.

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