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    Repair damaging and unsightly holes, cracks, and scratches with Hardener Gelcoat Filler. This small 6 gram tube offers an impressively large range of repair options to glass fibre hulls, superstructures, and much more, allowing you to quickly and efficiently perform multiple minor repairs on your motorhome, campervan, caravan, boat, or car, for only a few pence per application.

    This convenient multi use gel coat filler comes in a simple to apply white paste that can be easily tinted to match your car or motorhome exterior providing a flawless look, and sets in within 20 minutes. This ultra-durable gelcoat filler can be applied and left as is, or polished to leave a glossy finish.

    Be sure to visit our maintenance products page where you will find even more useful and low cost maintenance products. Order the Gelcoat Filler today and you can expect to receive in in plenty of time for your next caravan holiday.

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