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    Caravan Water Purification

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    Your caravans drains and waste tank, and wastewater, is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause strong and unpleasant odours. Keeping on top of this bacteria is vital for not only your comfort, but your health as well.

    Keep unpleasant odour causing bacteria under control with Unipart Autostore very own water treatment formula. Our Waste Guard 300Ml Water Treatment uses an unique oxidation concept that safely and efficiently eliminates bacteria that cause nasty odours in your waste water, and will help to prevent further contamination, as well as protecting your waste tank and keeping your sink drains fresh and clean.

    If you order our water treatment today you will receive it within 2 working days from the time your purchase had been made, so don’t let bacteria and unpleasant odours diminish the enjoyment of your camping trip. Instead, why not purchase Unipart Autostore water treatment and ensure that your caravan keeps a fresh and clean smell all season long.

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