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Susie Air Coils

The name Susie® has been synonymous with quality since 1962.  Setting the benchmark for premium quality air and electrical materials, Susie® coils are manufactured to the highest specifications.


  • Air Coils DIN 73378, DIN 74323, DIN 74324, ISO 7375, ATE 008 & ISO TS 16949
  • Electrical Coils ISO 1185, ISO 3731, ISO 4141, ISO 6722 & ISO TS 16949
  • Adaptor Coils ISO 1185, ISO 3731, ISO 4141, ISO 12098 & ISO TS 16949
  • EBS/ABS Coils ISO 4141, ISO 6722 & ISO 7638 & ISO TS1 6949
  • Specialist Electrical Coils ISO 6722 & ISO TS 16949

Susie® coils are manufactured using premium quality materials to provide outstanding performance characteristics for anti-kink, coil memory, coil sag and coil working length.

A Susie® coil is frequently found to be a more cost effective option given the greater‘in service life’ of the Susie® coil. A Susie® coil can require less frequent replacements due to the superior product materials. A Susie® coil often means fewer breakdowns, less downtime and ultimately reduced operating costs.

For fleet operators who demand the utmost quality of materials, there is only one Susie®, exclusively fromTTC. Susie® is the preferred brand of choice with large fleet operators for whom fleet mobility is of prime importance.

TTC recognise that there are many ‘low cost’ coil options presented to the UK market. Whilst there are apparent cost savings for fleet operators, it is often at the compromise of quality and often safety.

TTC have created a range of Air & Electrical coils that offer the benefits of a cost effective coil material without compromising quality.
The TTC Quality Alternative range of coils offers an effective ‘value for money’ proposition for fleet workshops and operators whose budgets require a cost effective solution that does not compromise performance and safety.

Susie® is a registered trade mark. If Susie® is not printed on the coil it is not a genuine Susie® . There is only one genuine Susie® , exclusively available from TTC.